Project Health peer education is a departmental organization of the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW). The mission of  Project Health is to serve as the go-to source of health education information on the University of Alabama campus by actively engaging ourselves and the campus community in health and wellness programming. The 160-person organization is broken down into four distinct branches.

Health Hut

Health Hut Interns work two 2-hour shifts each week in the Hut! Interns engage visitors with activities and conversations to increase student awareness about health issues and behaviors that affect them. The Hut is on campus for 36 hours each week, Monday through Thursday. The Department of Health Promotion & Wellness of the Student Health Center supports this program and provides oversight of the health content in outreach and programming materials.

Health Advocates

The Health Advocates play an essential role in providing the social support needed for individuals to make healthy choices.  Advocates provide monthly awareness events all over campus on various health topics. Advocates participate in weekly “informal interactions” in which they have casual conversations with other students on campus about a health topic. The Health Advocates are also responsible for creating health advocacy events. Each Health Advocate team creates one awareness program per semester.

Health Ambassadors

The Health Ambassadors are the primary movers on programming in residence halls, classes, and student organizations and our Healthy Hump Day, an interactive tabling event every Wednesday about national awareness weeks and months. Health Ambassadors work on health topic committees to help develop and implement programs as well as develop materials for outreach. Ambassadors work approximately 5 hours per week, and sometimes more, working bi-weekly at healthy hump day and doing programming.


Gamma peer education interns provide targeted health programming aimed at increasing health knowledge and promoting healthy decision making to Greek students. Peer educators provides members for Greek organizations with information and support to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in chapters. This is achieved through weekly “Health Minute” presentations at chapter meetings and tailored educational programming.