Despite the odds, you are in college experiencing the best years of your life. Like many students, this may be the first time you are responsible for your own finances. We don’t want students to look back on these years and have (too many) financial regrets. With that being said, this section offers useful information related to budgeting, banking, studying abroad, and more. Just know UA is always here to help.

Creating and Managing your Own Budget

Budgeting is an essential skill to master to achieve a successful financial future. It allows you to obtain the best use out of your money through a methodical plan. Here at UA, we want students to feel comfortable with managing their income and expenses. The cost of college calculator and CashCourse® are great financial tools to assist you in implementing a plan for your finances. Federal Student Aid also provides great tips on how to begin budgeting.

Cost of College Calculator

Use the all-inclusive calculator to help you plan and create your budget.

Establish a Savings Strategy

It’s challenging to plan ahead when it’s a lot easier to not think about the future. The truth is that the future is only a few steps away and creating a savings plan now and getting into the habit of sticking with that plan can make your financial future that much more secure. Learn more about how you can get started with your savings plan.


Learn about types of banks, interest and APY, certificates of deposit, and IRAs.


Learn about credit scores, types of credit, credit limits, and building credit.

Student Employment Opportunities

Here at UA, student employment provides opportunities for students that promote growth in education and professional development. Students have found these jobs to have benefits beyond financial gain. They allow for students to develop crucial job and lifelong learning skills, as well as network opportunities with faculty, staff, and their fellow peers. We have found these developed skills and relationships to be an integral part of students’ college experience. We would like to offer these opportunities to all our students here at the Capstone to help prepare them for life after graduation and beyond. Start your search for student employment opportunities.

Studying Abroad

One of the most meaningful experiences for students attending UA is an education abroad. A frequent question regarding studying abroad concerns the financing and funding of the experience. Proper funding and creating a budget are very important in planning for student’s education abroad. There are a multitude resources that provide information on how best to use existing financial aid and scholarships as well as specific education abroad scholarships to help finance this experience. Learn about how to finance your study abroad experience.


For opportunities to gain experience in your field prior to graduation, please visit the UA Career Center. Advisors at the Career Center can help connect you with internships and possible future employers. Having experience prior to graduation will strengthen your resume and help separate you from other candidates.