Preparing for college is an important time in life. While it is exciting, students are faced with many new and important responsibilities that can be stressful. Here at the University of Alabama, we try to make the transition as seamless as possible. Acquiring a true education on financial literacy is essential to ensure a smooth transition. We want to offer you an understanding of all the possible expenses and financial opportunities that are available. In this section, there are useful tools and resources to help strengthen your knowledge on financial literacy including information on the FAFSA, different types of funding, and an all-inclusive financial calculator.

Funding for College

Learn about different types of financial aid and funding for college, including scholarships, work-study jobs, grants and loans, as well as how to complete a FAFSA.

Cost of College Calculator

We recognize the importance of understanding the costs associated with attending UA and have created this inclusive financial calculator to provide an estimate to help you plan. The calculator includes costs for tuition, room and board, transportation, and other important expenses.

UA Student Financial Aid also outlines estimated costs for the current academic year.

Transfer Students

Welcome to the University of Alabama! We are thrilled you have decided to join the Capstone! As a transfer student, you will bring a unique experience and viewpoint to the campus and classroom and while doing so, we want to ensure you have a smooth transition. To assist financially with this transition, there are several scholarships specifically available for transfer students. Learn more about transfer student scholarship opportunities and criteria. In addition, Alabama’s Promise is a need-based financial aid program for Alabama community college transfer students who meet specific criteria, to learn more about this program visit Alabama’s Promise.

International Students

Welcome to the University of Alabama! We are committed to building a culturally diverse community and are excited you have decided to further your education here at the Capstone! Currently over 70 countries and territories from around the world are represented at UA, adding to our vibrant, diverse campus community. To assist with funding your education, UA offers a generous scholarship program for international students. Learn more about the international student scholarship program. If you are a graduate student, visit the Graduate School to learn more about funding opportunities such as assistantships and fellowships.


Housing is an important factor for students to consider due to cost. Living on campus affords many benefits including proximity to classes and being at the heart of the UA community. All incoming freshmen students are required to live on campus unless they qualify for an exemption. UA provides a variety of living options to meet the needs of students. For an overview of housing options and rates visit Housing and Residential Communities.


As a student entering college, it is never to early to begin saving. There is always the possibility of an unplanned expense arising and being prepared can minimize its impact. To prepare start by building an emergency fund, money specifically set aside for unplanned expenses. Even a small amount of money set aside will add up over time. For more tips about starting an emergency fund visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.