For college students, the primary occupation is being a student. However, it’s a great idea to treat college like a job to develop good occupational wellness practices! According to the American Counseling Association, “occupational Wellness is the ability to optimize the balance between work and personal life, reducing and preventing stress, and striving for satisfaction and meaning in life through working.” Occupational wellness is having the desire to have a meaningful career that contributes to society, and one that gives the individual personal fulfillment.

As students, there are many ways to start practicing behaviors that promote occupational wellness:

  • Balance: Understanding the balance between leisure and work. Academics are extremely important, and should be a top priority for students. However, it’s also essential to take time to mentally unwind, detach from e-mail, and give the brain time to relax.
  • Engage and improve collaboration: Actively engage in classes, especially ones that are not major specific. It can be easy to tune out, but try and gain something from each class. Class schedules are designed to create well-rounded learners!
  • Work to increase skills: Try out a class or campus program that may be out of the box or help to improve/learn a new skill. College is the time to learn new things that will benefit students when it’s time to get a job. Soak up as much information as possible!

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