Each month for the #Adulting series, a subject expert shares a different topic that will help participants learn skills to be more successful adults. For more information and to register to receive the Zoom link, RSVP to each event on the MySource event page. See some of our past topics below.


Budgeting and Money Management for College Students

Gain essential skills to navigate the financial challenges of college life and lay a solid foundation for a prosperous financial journey ahead. James Renshaw from HomeFirst and the Center for Community-Based Partnerships will share best practices for budgeting and money management. Discover practical strategies to effectively manage your finances, avoid debt traps, and build a strong financial future.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Join Taylor Anderson of the UA Office of Information Technology as we learn how to better protect ourselves and our data from common cyber threats aimed at students.

Improving Your Sleep Health

What is Sleep Health? What is great Sleep Health? What is concerning Sleep Health? How can we optimize Sleep Health? In this class, Heather Gunn, Assistant Professor in Psychology and licensed clinical psychologist, will answer these and other questions about sleep across the lifespan.