In the #Adulting series, students learn a variety of skills and information that will not only help during their time at UA but well beyond as they transition into adulthood. Join us on Zoom every third Wednesday at noon. Workshop information and registration will be available soon.

Professional and Academic Communications
September 21
Sometimes professional and academic communication can feel like a set of unwritten rules. How should I ask my professor a question or request office hours? What’s the best way to say that I need help with a project at my job or internship? If I’ve never had to interview for a job or give a presentation, where do I start? Peer Coaches at the Learning Commons will guide you through these questions and more in their “Talk the Talk: Professional and Academic Communication” skill session. Join Capstone Center for Student Success for this session.

Listening in Our Networks of Relationships
October 19
We are living in turbulent and often divisive times, as political differences have the potential to weaken and break the personal relationships that are essential to our communities. Communicating within our polarized public spheres is often a challenge. Learning to listen, when practiced well, provides an avenue for maintaining relationships and creating space for diverse conversations. Dr. A. Jackson Harris will offer his insights on common barriers to listening and how to overcome them, for our relationships and for the health of our democracy. Join Crossroads Civic Engagement Center for this session.

Communication and Self-Care
November 16
While returning home for the holidays may be an exciting and much-needed break from academics, it can also be stressful for others for a variety of reasons. This presentation will focus on the importance of self-care and assertive communication skills as students navigate being home for the holidays. Join the Counseling Center for this session.