Join various departments in the Division of Student Life to celebrate Body Appreciation Week. The objectives of Body Appreciation Week are to raise awareness about eating disorders, provide available resources, help promote positive body image across all gender identities, encourage constructive dialogue about these issues and help prevent the development of eating-disordered behaviors and attitudes. 

Body Appreciation Week Events 

Every Body is a Yoga Body 

Monday, February 20 from 12 – 1p.m. | Gorgas Library Yellow Hammer Room
Join us for a yoga session as we kick-off UA Body Appreciation Week, known nationally as Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Led by UREC’s Whitney Pape, attendees will enjoy a yoga session and learn that every body can enjoy the benefits of yoga.  

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Zero Weeks Film Screening  

Monday, February 20 from 3—5 p.m. | Gorgas Library Camellia Room
Join the WGRC and UA’s Professional Staff Assembly for a film screening of Zero Weeks in honor of Body Appreciation Week! What do the United States and Papua New Guinea have in common? They are the only countries in the world without paid family leave. American families are often forced to choose between tending to a spouse or parent with an unexpected medical emergency or keeping their job and health insurance. 

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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Exercise 

Tuesday, February 21 from 12—1 p.m. | Zoom
Whether you’re in recovery from an eating disorder or have frequently succumbed to compulsive exercise, having a healthy relationship with physical activity can be complicated.  

As part of UA Body Appreciation Week programming, learn from Leigh-Ann Bamberg, MS,RDN,LD, CEDS-S, a UA alum and Director of Nutrition Services at Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating Disorders as she shares what it looks like to have a healthy relationship with movement and your body.  

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Cinnamon Rolls Not Gender Rolls Meeting, Topic: Exercise 

Tuesday, February 21 from 1—2 p.m. | Safe Zone Resource Center
The Safe Zone Resource Center will host its weekly Cinnamon Rolls, not Gender Roles program for individuals of all identities to come together, eat pastries and discuss topics concerning gender identity & performance in our current culture and climate. 

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Fattitude: Film Screening and Discussion  

Tuesday, February 21 from 6—8 p.m. | Lloyd 227
Join us to watch Fattitude as part of Body Appreciation Week! A body positive documentary intent on inspiring change, FATTITUDE offers alternative ideas that embrace body acceptance at all sizes, explores examples of fat positive representations being produced today by activists and the media and focuses on real life solutions for moving forward and changing the national conversation about body image. 

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Treat Yo Self-Care 

Wednesday, February 22 from 10 a.m. — 2 p.m. | UA Student Center Lawn + Porch
Loving yourself is your greatest revolution! Join University Programs in partnership with the Counseling Center for our Treat Yo Self event to celebrate Body Appreciation Week! We’ll have FREE snacks, a Photo Booth and body positivity activities to help you love and take care of yourself this semester. 

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All Foods Fit: CRC Community Lunch 

Wednesday, February 22 from 12—1:30 p.m. | Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services
The CRC will host a community lunch that welcomes all to enjoy a free meal in our common space. The event is to promote healthy communal eating on campus and to provide education and information for the Eating Disorder Anonymous group on campus. 

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What is Health at Every Size? 

Thursday, February 23 from 12—1 p.m. | Zoom
You made have heard the phrase Health at Every Size used on social media or even in advertisements, but what exactly is the Health at Every Size paradigm? Join Katherine Jordan, registered dietitian and Director of Clinical Services from Alsana Treatment Center for Eating Disorders as she shares the specifics Health at Every Size and how to become a body positive advocate among your peers.  

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