On each Thursday of the month, the Department of Health and Wellness will host a Thoughtful Thursday event. These events will focus on individual holistic health development and will take place at a different location each Thursday. Check out The Source Calendar for more information on each activity.

Thoughtful Thursdays

1st Thursday of the Month – Mindfulness Minute

Join us for Thoughtful Thursday – Mindfulness Minute on the first Thursday of the month in the Student Center, Room 3104. Mindfulness Minute will be a drop-in session focusing on mindfulness. In this session, students will have the opportunity to learn how to use a labyrinth for walking meditation, how to meditate for stress relief, and how to show gratitude through journaling or sharing appreciation with others. This is a drop-in session, so come at your leisure.

2nd Thursday of the Month – Peaceful Pause

The Counseling Center is partnering with Health Promotion and Wellness for Thoughtful Thursdays. Every 2nd Thursday of the month, come see us in the Student Center Plaza for a peaceful pause to learn more about incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine.

3rd Thursday of the Month – Mindful Eating

Is your mind full or are you mindful while eating? This one-hour lunch and learn presentation reviews the benefits and components of mindful eating and walks participants through a mindful eating experience while they eat their lunch. *A small food item will be provided for the mindfulness activity if a participant does not bring their lunch to the session. Check The Source events calendar for room location.

4th Thursday of the Month – Wellness Walk

Pulling from research based on forest bathing and mindfulness, this program was developed to encourage participants to incorporate stress management into their daily lives. Research shows that spending a small amount of time in nature can positively impact one’s health. Couple that research with mindfulness practices and a simple, guided 30-minute walk can be a nice boost to your day. The walk will include a stroll around campus, incorporating breathing exercises and focusing on the beautiful natural surroundings of the campus. A 10-minute presentation introduces these concepts and kicks off the walk.